Tips & Documentation for Photific Mockups

The fabric color won’t change in the Photoshop mockups

If the fabric color won't change in the Photoshop mockups there are a few things we can try to solve the problem.


1. Make sure all other color layers are turned off. #

If any other color layers are visible they may prevent other colors from showing.


2. Check the ‘Placement Guide' in the ‘Design' layer. #

If the ‘Placement Guide' is visible inside the ‘Design' smart-object layer then you won't be able to change the color of the garment.

1. Double-click the thumbnail for the ‘Your Design' layer.

2. Turn off the ‘Placement Guide'.

3. Click ‘File' > ‘Save', and then close the ‘Design' window.


3. Make sure you aren't looking at the Displacement Map. #

If you have the “Displacement Map” open then you'll be looking at a gray image instead of the mockup file. Take a look at the mockup folder and make sure you didn't open a displacement map by mistake.


If you're still having trouble with your mockup colors please feel free to Contact Us.