Tips & Documentation for Photific Mockups

Can I Download All of the Mockup Files at Once?

You may have noticed that you have to download the Photoshop mockup files individually. We're sorry, we know this is a pain. We used to offer larger bundled downloads, but our customers ran into quite a few problems. There are two technical limitations that prevent bundled downloads.

  • 1. We've found that web browsers often run into issues when attempting to download single files above 2gb.
  • 2. The .zip compression format starts presenting errors with files above 4gb.

The only way we could offer reliable large single downloads would be if we forced customers to download a separate local computer application just to manage the file transfer. The plus side is the files are delivered by Amazon Cloud Services so you should be able to download them pretty quickly (although you will still have to do it individually). Additionally you have access to the files forever so you can download the files as needed and come back for others at a later date if you'd like. Again, we're sorry there isn't an easier answer for this.

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