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New Brand Colors for 2019

March 1, 2019

Every year we look forward to the new colors and fabrics from the big wholesale apparel brands. It's always a combination of new colors, new fabrics, and often existing brand colors that proved popular on staple garments making their way to lower volume items. In 2018 we saw lots of new colors and fabrics as brands were racing to compete with an influx of fashion-forward competition. This year we've seen less new colors and fabrics as brands digest their ever-increasing sku numbers.

Despite the smaller number of new colors, we've still seen lots of new styles coming from the big names. Manufacturers appear to be answering a demand for more fashion-focused styles. There is a trend in men's apparel towards more modern streetwear-inspired items. New styles are made with cotton that is both heavier and softer, and more long-body, low-neck men's tees are showing up. New women's styles includes lots of crop-tops, boxy tees, and flowy items.

If you want to access the updated colors simply login to your account and re-download the mockups. The instant mockup generator has also been updated to reflect all the new color options.