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Comfort Colors® Mockups Have Arrived

January 29, 2019

Comfort Colors® is finally here! We've had a lot of requests for Comfort Colors®, and we've been wanting to get them out to you for a while. In fact we photographed a lot of the garments last year, but we ran into a technical challenge and had to postpone their processing and release.

You see most manufacturers have the same kind of simple, one-color, fabric neck tag. They vary across different manufacturers and garments, but they all have one important similarity: the color of the neck tag doesn't change depending on the color of the fabric. Have a red shirt? The tag is white. Striped heather? The tag is white. Comfort Colors® on the other hand has neck tags that are dyed along with the fabrics, so every single fabric color has a corresponding neck tag color.

This is a unique feature for Comfort Colors® and the tags look pretty great in person. For our purposes though, it posed a formatting challenge. We had to work out how to keep the tags looking realistic with every new color, and also how to integrate that tag into our existing template structures. We wanted to make sure everything stayed familiar and accessible for you, our customers. After some tinkering we got the tags working correctly, created the fabric color swatches, and finally got to deliver templates for 15 of the best-selling garments.